wp theater - 2nd stage theater - fall 2016

Written By & Starring: Lisa Lampanelli

Also Starring: Ann Harada, Zainab Jah, Jessica Luck

Director: Jackson Gay

Lighting Designer: Yael Lubetzky

Set Designer: Antje Ellermann

Costume Designer: Jessica Ford

Hair & Make Up Designer: Rob Harmon

Sound Designer: Elisheba Ittoop

Photographer: Carol Rosegg

the producers

montclair state university - Alexander Kasser theatre - february 2016

Director: Clay James

Lighting Designer: Christopher Chambers

Original Set Designer: Robin Wagner

Original Costume Designer: William Ivey Long

Hair & Makeup Designer: Deidre Morgan

Sound Designer: Nicholas Kanderis

Photographer: Mike Peters

Below are custom magic sheets I created and used to program on the ETC Ion.